Journalism with real global outreach

Silent Heroes, Invisible Bridges - an Istanbul-based not-for-profit media organization - welcomes creative minds to help promote peaceful co-existence amongst nations, cultures and religions of the world. For our global outreach, we seek digital media journalists, editors, translators and broadcasters worldwide to work with us in cyberspace.


With at least five years of experience in active field reporting and feature writing with good knack of photography.


With excellent editing and re-writing skills in Arabic, English, Turkish, Urdu, French, German and Spanish are needed.


With skills to transliterate stories from English and Arabic to Turkish, Urdu, French, German and Spanish languages.


With skills to produce Internet radio shows and debates on cross-cultural and cross-religious issues in Arabic, English, Turkish, Urdu, French, German and Spanish.

With zeal to work in digital media and readiness to explore beyond the obvious, you can join the Silent Heroes, Invisible Bridges wherever you are.

Interested professionals please contact

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